OMT Ishaan Aggarwal Visits Engineering Society

Recently, the 鶹Ů Engineering Society had the pleasure of welcoming OMT, Ishaan Aggarwal, back to the school to present his journey and career aspirations in the engineering sector.

Writes Krish T. (L6th)

Being a third-year Aeronautical Engineering student at Imperial College London, Ishaan was able to provide an awe-inspiring presentation which catered to a large audience of aspiring engineers.

Ishaan detailed the intricacies of his course, making us aware of the amazing facilities that the Imperial Aeronautical Engineering department has to offer, as well as his life beyond academics. Throughout his presentation, Ishaan pointed to the various projects that he has undertaken. This includes: aeroplane modelling and wind-tunnel testing; wind turbine design and construction; autopilot coding projects, and flight simulations; trips to different university flight labs; bi-copter drone manufacturing; and the design of an entire aircraft! This insightful presentation culminated in a discussion, outlining achievable goalposts that aspiring engineers should be aiming towards. This included how to best position oneself (with a competitive application and experience) to stand out in today's competitive climate.

It was amazing to have Ishaan back at 鶹Ů', and the Engineering Society is extremely grateful to have had this incredible insight made possible by the extensive network of OMT pupils. The Engineering Society looks forward to hosting further guest speakers in the future, continuing to inspire and inform the eager Engineering Society members.

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