The Value of Philosophy as a University Degree

On Thursday 6th June, the Philosophy Society hosted an online talk titled 'The Value of Philosophy as a University Degree', by Dr Conor McHugh (Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton).

Dr McHugh’s talk provided a comprehensive overview of the intellectual and practical benefits of studying philosophy, inspiring students to view it as a valuable foundation for diverse and impactful careers.

Dr McHugh first introduced the attendees to the purpose of philosophy, detailing its role as a discipline that encourages critical thought on fundamental questions of existence, knowledge and ethics. It is not just an academic pursuit but a field that sharpens analytical and reasoning skills. These skills are crucial for understanding complex issues and making well-founded decisions.

Dr McHugh also dispelled the myth that philosophy lacks practical applications. He emphasised that philosophy graduates possess transferable skills which are highly valued in diverse fields, including law, journalism, politics, education, and business. Their ability to think critically, argue persuasively, and solve problems, makes them well-suited for numerous professional paths; The problem for philosophy graduates is not a lack of career options, it is that there are too many options to choose from!

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