Digital Wellbeing Conference

On Friday 24th May, five students represented 鶹Ů' at a day-long conference hosted at the 鶹Ů' Company Hall in London.

Writes Krish T. (L6th)

This well-constructed day promised many insightful speakers and workshops, enhancing our understanding and awareness of the significant role that technology has on our wellbeing.

The morning started with a thought-provoking analysis of our behavioural tendencies and use of technology. The well-balanced discussion, led by Mr Oliver Welsby, guided us to consider the ways in which we could implement self-regulation of technology to better our mental wellbeing. This hinted at the increasing prevalence of superficial online connections, and as to what we can do to increase our awareness in this regard. Following this, Mr Alan Mackenzie then discussed the increasing concerns over self-generated images. This prompted conversations in questioning the approaches of regulatory bodies in adapting to increasing security concerns. Mr Mackenzie's position as a voluntary police officer provided us with a unique insight into the content filtering systems currently employed by various organisations, including systemic flaws within this framework. The final speaker, Dr Nihara Krause, spoke to us about the detrimental impacts of the misuse of technology on our cognitive function. This set grounds for discussing the formation of new habits, including fostering a healthy relationship with technology in our daily lives. This talk optimised scientific research and evidence to suggest methods of preventing mental degradation due to harmful, and consistent online content consumption.

After a delicious lunch, the Senior Leadership Team from Wolverhampton Grammar School led group discussions regarding the ability of schools to support students’ digital wellbeing. Being grouped with other students from various schools facilitated a unique perspective into further considerations in devising next steps in the self-regulation of technology.

To conclude the conference, Dr Harrison directed a workshop on ‘Creating our own Digital Charters’. This enabled students and staff to glean a valuable insight and understanding from each other, whilst suggesting intriguing propositions moving forwards. I would like to thank Dr Harrison (and all of the others involved) for the organisation and delivery of this event. This has given us an amazing opportunity to develop our mindfulness and consciousness around digital wellbeing, and I look forward to furthering this discussion to enhance the digital wellbeing profile of our school

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